In the past years the concept of Mediterranean food, including seafood, has changed radically, due to the influence of modern cuisine. Utopia, located in the south eastern part of the island of Zakynthos is like no other restaurant you’ve visited.


The romantic location is set in the cheerful little town of Argassi and has a wide open space that accomodates a circular bar where you can comfortably have a drink while you admire the seaside. The same open space has tables placed on the edge of a cliff, allowing all the customers to enjoy a meal by the sea.

The menu is leaded by seafood, which varies depending on the season. However the chef’s offer is wide and you can also find dishes characterized by meat, as the Roastbeef, or by authentic greek flavors.

All the dishes are accurately designed with the cooperation of two great chefs: Alex Tsiotinis and Vadim Kunitskyy.  Their particular passion for fine cuisine and for experimenting new techniques made the menu of Utopia the most intriguing and original offer of the island.


The starters are refreshing and peculiar, such as the tartare with tomato gazpacho and bean sprouts on the top, choice that also allows the meeting of many different ingredients and tastes.

The seared tuna, so perfectly cooked with spicy lentils, is matched with an incredible avocado sauce and it is a dish that represents, in many ways a culinary journey through the Mediterranean specialities. And how about the desserts!

The unusual combination of flavors and consistencies, such as coffee and rosemary ice cream or a cookie base with a topping of iced mango and passion fruit seeds, could be interpreted as a revolution in the dessert-making field.


The coktail list is really detailed in a way that seems that every drink you serve tells a story: fruits, flowers, spices and herbs are combinated in a unique mixology experience.

The wine selection includes both local and foreign products. If you will ask, for sure the young and kind waiters will be able to help you decide the bottle that suits your meal.

The word “utopia” was forged by the philosopher Thomas More back in 1516, with the Greek letters ū, “not” and topos, “place”. Literally a non-existent place that historically represents a society that lived in perfect harmony. But Utopia exists, and with its amazing food and spectacular location it is a real heaven on earth.

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